Hands-on project management, implementation and review

Freelance Marketing offers an experienced and flexible solution when you need an additional resource, working either as part of your in-house team or as a complete outsourced option. Our project management expertise have been influential in new product development programmes and in the creation of promotional tools for smaller businesses.

We will firstly develop, then implement, practical marketing plans incorporating a scheduled programme of activity, often based around a critical launch date. We are able to call upon a range of creative sources, including agencies and printers.

For example, we can deliver:

  • Corporate brochures.
  • Websites.
  • Promotional campaigns e.g. direct mail.
  • Client presentations.
  • Corporate events.
  • Photography.
  • Press releases.
  • Sales lead generation (telemarketing exercises).

We will then help you to monitor the effectiveness of individual launches and campaigns, for example number and type of responses relative to cost.

Please download examples of client case studies here: Communications